Take Action - and See what a Difference You can Make...

Here are 5 ways you can show your commitment to people and the planet:

  1. Find out more about social enterprise – book on to a Social Enterprise Walk or Talk – social entrepreneurs have some fascinating work to show you and stories to tell.
  2. Attend our Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter Networking Events - We host a regular networking session for social entrepreneurs from around Digbeth and its surrounding areas to connect and build our community of social entrepreneurs. If you are interested in attending one of our networking events to learn more and network you can sign up to our mailing list from which we update our members with new events.
  3. Volunteer to work for a social enterprise – develop your own skills and experience while helping others
  4. Think what you could do together with a social enterprise (Fund-raise? Provide skilled support? Create a unique joint project? Anything else?) – and make it happen
  5. Consider working for a social enterprise – apply for a job or set up your own social enterprise (we can help you)