Where is Digbeth?

The area known as Digbeth runs from Birmingham city centre – covering the markets, Moor Street station, Curzon Street station and Millennium Point – up the hill towards Bordesley. Along the way the area strictly speaking changes its name to Deritend, but the whole area today tends to be known as Digbeth.

For the purposes of the Social Enterprise Quarter, Digbeth is taken to be a broad and flexible area, which includes Highgate and Cheapside.

A Rich History

The Digbeth area, with a plentiful water supply from the River Rea and a number of natural springs, can be considered the birthplace of the modern industrial city of Birmingham – the place where first markets and then a plethora of enterprises sprang up and thrived. It has also been home to significant groups of migrant workers creating Polish, Italian and Irish communities.

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A Vibrant Cultural Scene

Pubs, clubs, restaurants, you’ll find them all in Digbeth. Then there’s First Fridays, organised by Friction Arts, which include an evening of exhibitions, late-night openings, special events, culture in unexpected spaces, live music, street food and more, as well as walks and trails devised by Digbeth Residents Association.

There is far too much going on for us to provide a comprehensive list here, so why not pay the area a visit and explore what it has to offer for yourself!

Digbeth is a 'Social Enterprise Place'

Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter has been been given national recognition by Social Enterprise UK as a 'Social Enterprise Place'.  There are others springing up around the UK.  Find our more about them here: www.socialenterprise.org.uk/social-enterprise-places