Digbeth Social Enterprise Survey

During the period of April-May 2014 a questionnaire was sent to all social enterprises in the Digbeth, Highgate and Cheapside area, designed to capture data about their economic, employment and social contribution with the intention of collating the data to understand the combined economic and social contribution social enterprises make in a specific geographical area, particularly when they are closely clustered together, as is the case in Digbeth.

“It is important for us to understand who is in the area and the contribution they are currently making,” explains Sarah Crawley, Chief Executive of iSE (Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs) who has been at the forefront of the development of DSEQ, “both in order to determine how best to support their future development and to measure the effect of bringing them together as a cluster within a Social Enterprise Quarter.”

To view the data and read the report in full please download the PDF documents below:

A profile of social enterprise activity in the Digbeth/Highgate area

DSEQ Profile & Action Plan – Putting social enterprise at the heart of regeneration