Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter – September Event Roundup


This Networking meeting DSEQ met with Jonathan Lord from HS2, Ryan West of Laing O’Rourke and Murphy (LM) and Michelle Brodie from Groundworks West Midlands. Our meeting started bright and early as usual and featured some great and informative talks from our guests.

Curzon Street

Ryan West and Jonathan Lord gave us an update on the enabling works for HS2 that Laing O’Rourke and Murphy are performing over the coming period. Archaeological investigations are continuing across the sites from the abandoned lot by Curzon Street up to the car parks in between Park Street and Moor Street Station. Organisations close to the Curzon Street may be disrupted over the next month as the abandoned lot and car park adjacent to it, will be drilled to remove the concrete to allow for preparatory works for the station. The major works which will have a disruptive effect on traffic is the planned re-routing of utilities from underneath the site for the new Curzon Street Station. These will primarily effect the Lawley Middleway, and while surveys are currently underway at night there will be disruption felt as the works move through to the main phase. It has yet to be decided how the works to divert utilities will take place, but works are currently scheduled for the start of next year. I will share next week the most recent update from LM regarding planned works.

HS2 Funds (Community Environment Fund)

Michelle Brodie from Groundworks West Midlands to talk through the Community and Environment Fund, which was released by HS2 earlier in the year and which is being managed by Groundworks UK.

There are two types of CEF funding:

CEF Local will focus on quality of life and environment in individual communities, this fund has a quicker application process and has multiple options for bids, including a low level application for up to £10,000 (application form here) as well as a medium sized bid application for bids between £10,000 £75,000 (find the application form here).

CEF Strategic will focus on large projects across several communities and address strategic rather than purely local concerns. Wherever possible, the CEF fund aims to leave a sustainable legacy. This fund is a more complicated and longer application process but funding applications can go from £75,000 to £1 million (find the expression of interest form here)

To find guidance for the CEF funds go to the main page here, which includes generalised guidance around the CEF funds available as well as specific guidance on each application form for each level of funding.

If anyone has any additional questions regarding the event or any of the report that has been issued, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone on 0121 771 1411.

See you next time!
Paul Barnes
Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter Network Lead