Introducing the Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter (DSEQ)
Birmingham has one of the largest concentrations of social enterprises in the country and the number is highest in the Digbeth/Highgate area, where over 50 social enterprises are currently based. Led by the support and development agency iSE (Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs) these businesses have come together to form the Digbeth Social Enterprise Quarter (DSEQ) — an exciting new phase in the history of the sector’s development in Birmingham.

DSEQ was launched on 12th December 2013 by the Leader of Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore. Birmingham City Council has pledged to support the development of a thriving social enterprise sector, seeing it as an important part of a healthy mixed local economy. This initiative is aimed at maximising the impact of the natural clustering of social enterprises in the Digbeth area and ultimately putting Birmingham on the map as a Social Enterprise City.   Social Enterprise UK has already formally recognised DSEQ as a Social Enterprise Place.

The boundaries of the area defined as ‘Digbeth’ for the purposes of the Quarter are fluid.   Social enterprises already based in and around Digbeth are encouraged to become members of the DSEQ and explore opportunities to work together. Others are encouraged to move into, or start up in, Digbeth and join this vibrant community.

The principles underpinning our Quarter are:

  • Inclusion
  • Partnership
  • Co-operation and collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Democracy
  • Effective participation
  • Representation
  • Respect
  • Equality

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in supporting social enterprise in the Digbeth area and in ensuring it is a safe, cared-for and attractive place in which to live and work. DSEQ is keen to work alongside existing groups and organisations, helping to bring people together. Current members include not only social enterprises but also the local residents association and Friends of the Earth, as well as colleges and universities around the city looking to engage their students with social enterprise.

If you are interested in finding out more please email Marketing and Communications Officer Rachel Williams via