Key points from the Digbeth, Highgate and Cheapside Network Meeting

Being Smarter with Data

Pauline Roche and Ted Ryan from RnR are keen to encourage the social enterprise sector to make better use of research and data when applying for funding and demonstrating social impact. They are running four training sessions at the Impact Hub in Digbeth in September for RAWM, which are free to attend. If you have missed the first three, there is still time to book for the session on 24th September: click here.

Partnership Opportunities with University of Birmingham

Alison Sharp is looking for enterprising partnerships with the social enterprise sector. There could be some funding available to support these. The Medical Services and Life & Environmental Colleges at University of Birmingham are particularly keen to find projects as their students want to ‘make a difference’. If you have any ideas, email Alison directly:

National and International Recognition for DSEQ

Sarah reported that DSEQ is getting recognition as a unique initiative, which others are keen to learn from and emulate. She will be hosting a visit from a group from Oslo on 13th and 14th September.
In London a young woman is doing a PhD on clusters and is drawing inspiration from DSEQ. Sarah will be meeting with her in October.

Social Saturday – 9th October

It was agreed that the focus for Social Saturday this year would be virtual rather than physical. Themed as Shop for Change, the aim will be to make it like ‘Black Friday’ – a day to get deals of all kinds from a wide variety of social enterprises. We can also take the opportunity to thank people for buying from social enterprises, as in some cases they may not be aware that they are.

Christmas Market 

It was agreed to hold a Christmas Market at iSE again this year, including a pop-up cafe, giving people an opportunity to network and get their Christmas shopping started.

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